What is the current Curtains trend

“Creating natural environments. So triumph linen fabrics. They come with more or less open frames, thick or thin wire, smooth, subtle prints or embroidery spectacular … “say to KA International. They take the textures, geometric patterns and mixtures with golds and silvers.

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Light or dark, what shade do I choose?
Tissue color and graduating the light path. For dark rooms, airy and light fabrics chosen as curtains or open weave linen. Best in light colors to increase the brightness. To refine light, opt for double curtains, shutters tightly woven fabrics or screens that filter the sun and let you see the outside.

And for small rooms?
As a general rule, the size of the curtains should be proportional to the size of the room. In small rooms, dressed in a simple windows with blinds or curtains and clear or semi-transparent fabrics. Best if they are smooth (or small prints) and the same color as the wall.

How often should I wash the curtains?
“Aspíralas each week and take them to the cleaners when you need to wash: dry cleaning lengthen your life,” says Beatriz Gancedo. If you prefer to wash at home, make sure they fit in your washing machine and look at the specifications of the fabric. Note that in the first wash can shrink.

Tricks to expand windows
A small window appears larger if you cast a shade bigger than her. Make the bar (and the fabric) is about 30-50 cm wider than the window, the curtain placed flush with the ceiling and let it fall to the ground. It will also have a more elegant look and dress.

How to know how much fabric I need?
Depends on the size of the window, clothing and fabric width (it is customary to measure 1.40 m wide). “To find the width of fabric you need, measure the width of the window and multiply by 2.50. Then divide by the width of the fabric and you’ll know how many sheets of cloth precise. The length of the cloth will know by measuring the height of the window and adding 50 cm to make the bass and the leader of the curtain, “says Beatriz Gancedo Gancedo of Tapestries.

What about the kitchen and bathroom?
These placements are generated fumes, vapors and odors permeating the curtains quickly. So a good solution is venetian blinds or Venetian. The moisture must include and incorporate textile treatments that give them a sleeker look. Others are fireproof. Another option is cotton or blend curtains that can be washed often.As to the preparation , the most widely used system is the blind.

How much to renew the curtains?
The price varies greatly depending on the fabric (fabric width, composition …), the type of preparation and installation. Overall, the rails are cheaper than the bars, the price varies by material (wood, about 40 € and wrought iron, between 60 and 70 €).As for clothing, calculating on a window standard (1.60 x 2.50 m) and making tables in a fabric width 1.40 meters (50 € / m) the approximate price will be 750 €.





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