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If you appreciate the artistic chaos and you’re looking for ways out of the ordinary to liven up your abode, I propose to furnish your interior looking for inspiration in the boho style. The boho style combines elements of traditional Indian culture and others who are inspired by the hippie style or that of the seventies.

Bohemian Living Room design

What matters more ‘boho style are: the originality , the colors and the natural character of the furniture.┬áBoho dominate in the interior warm colors including red, brown and orange. The boho style is to experiment with the colors and we ├▓ means that the colors that we use can be combined in any way. Counts above our imagination.

As for the furniture, an idea worthy of note is the old repaint a piece of furniture or use a fashionable red sofa by positioning colored cushions vivid.

A factor of great importance that we ensure the desired effect is to make use of decorative elements. Typical interior boho accessories are original-shaped leaves, feathers, flowers, twigs, shells.
As for the artwork, the best choice is to use modern paintings, and the reasons for fulfilling the boho style are mainly inspired by nature including flowers, plants and animals in general.
Even the materials of various types, such as decorative pillows or the covers are very important to have between your walls the desired effect.

Decorating the house in boho style we should not shun from candles, ideal for people who want to evoke among its walls a nice and vaguely romantic.

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