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The tree houses always attracted to children. It is a place where children can develop their imagination and feel that they have their own place. With a little dedication you can build yourself the perfect house for your kids, and let out the details to your liking.

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The first thing to do is build a deck on the sturdy branches of a tree, they are forming a good angle to support the weight. If you have a tree in your garden that serve this purpose, you can support yourself and put the house right next to a tree, to create the illusion of being in the branches, but with an independent structure.

Add a slide to provide an easy run to the tree. The slides are fun and children can spend a long time having fun with them, whether they are in the tree house or in any other part of the garden. Funnier still is a firefighter pipe hollow out a deck. Children also need a way to climb the tree house. There are several options of stairs: a ladder or ropes are some options.

Includes a rope bridge that is very easy to install: just need two strong ropes and tie from one branch to another, one will support the feet and the other to hold hands. You can connect your tree house with another sturdy tree, or if you have an ambitious project to make two houses and interconnect. Place zip with pulleys and cables is an adventurous idea yet and will also serve the boys descend the tree.

You can add bars and rock climbing in some areas of the tree house so the kids have a place to climb and make healthy exercise. You will also need a swing to hang from any branch of the tree, you can manufacture a variety of materials, an eraser, a wooden plank or just a sturdy rope can be the basis of your hammock.

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