What shelving put in the bath

The ensuite bathroom is one of the rooms that have everything organized for us to win space. One of the elements that will help us this are the shelves. In decorating shops can find endless shelves models for bathing. Simply choose the most suitable for the type of bathroom you have at home and to continue this style.


To begin with, can find a variety of materials, such as plastic, wood, steel or metal, among others. The material you choose will depend on your taste and the needs you have. For example, if your bathroom does not have too square meters and want to save space, we suggest you to put shelves shelves with very thin and transparent. This will finally give visual breadth to the room you will not get with shelves of other opaque materials.

Regarding the structure, although all stacks have the same shape, common or can have them work. The first you can hang on the wall or be included in a typical bathroom cabinet. As for labor, as its name suggests, need to do a work on the wall, since they are integrated within. They are very useful to use in the bath or shower itself, with the only drawback that must be kept very clean and free of moisture especially since it can get ugly if they accumulate water for days.

Do not forget the corner shelves. These are perfect for bathrooms that do not have much space. They fit perfectly into the corners, using the gap that often remains empty. Of course, picking the choice, recharging is not too much, as this may be a bit overwhelming the environment.

bathroom shelves






mini floating shelves