What to consider when buying pillow

To choose a pillow, the general rule is very similar to that when choosing a mattress. That which is most comfortable and help us to keep the spine in proper posture without having to bend over is ideal. Pay attention to what you say then because it is much more important, remember that one third was spent in bed. Therefore, when we talk about making an investment in a pillow we are talking about an investment that we will improve our quality of life, now I’ll show you which criteria you should consider


The sleeping position
The first thing you need to determine is how you sleep. To find out, you must pay attention to the position in which you are most of the time when you wake up. Whether aside, face up or down.

If you sleep on your side, the pillow should let the neck is horizontal, aligned with the rest of the spine. This will need a pillow thick and firm enough to save the width of the shoulder and the head is not skewed downward. Men who sleep on their sides, to have wider shoulders that women often require a slightly thicker pillow. If you sleep on your back, it will need a pillow with a firmness and thickness intermediate as to fit the natural shape stand collar.

If it is too thick or too thin cervical vertebrae suffer for failing to maintain a natural posture for many hours every night. The consequences of poor posture can be from a lack of rest until the stiff neck or contractures in the morning.

If you sleep face down, you require a soft pillow and thin, so that the head and neck remain turned in a natural position to one side. The other alternative is that you are someone who move a lot and change of posture, medium firm is best suited.

Types of Filling
Natural Filler: is down, feathers or mixture of both. The pen down and are different. Down is the fluffy insulation beneath the feathers that keeps hot ducks and geese. The cushion of feathers or down are not very strong, so are suitable for those who sleep on their stomachs, but not for side sleepers or back. They usually give more heat. They may not be suitable for allergy sufferers. They are usually of high quality, soft and durable.

Synthetic fiber filling: Normally are polyester. They tend to be firmer and thicker than feathers, so that may be appropriate for you if you sleep on your side or back. They tend to be less durable and cheaper than with feathers or down. They are easily washable.

Foam padding: Depends on the density of the foam will be more or less firm. It is important that you read the label or ask the seller if you’re not entirely sure. thereĀ  are some foam pillow called “anatomical” which usually have a wavy shape to match the curvature of the neck. These are suitable especially for those who sleep on their backs. Not everyone gets used to using them, therefore, try it in the store before buying.

Latex Filling: This type of pillow is adapted quite well to the neck and head. They are anti-dust accumulate less breathable than synthetics.