When opting for different woods

The color of the wood on the floor of a room is, without doubt, a decisive factor when planning the layout of the room .Whether you want some contrast between different wood tones in the room, or you prefer a softer effect generated between the keys, follow these tips to decorate with different woods .

Carpets to unify different woods
In the case where the wood floor and furniture are different, it is advisable to place a rug under the furniture to make the break between the two woods. When the human eye sees a wooden cabinet , canvas staring it down to the floor, where the woods are different, it generates instability, which eventually reach the brain as a mismatch and processed as an error in the design of the room. Avoiding this effect is as simple as placing a rug under the furniture.

Highlight or appeased wood tones
While dark wood floors generate cozy effect in the room , hardwood floors clearer projected an effect that makes the room a happier place. However, the color of your floors do not have to decide what the spirit of the room. Placing furniture in different wood tones can accentuate or diminish the effect of the wood floor . If you put light furniture in a room dark wood floor, floor cozy effect will decrease with cheery effect light wood furniture and vice versa.

Wooden furniture to unify the spaces
It’s a good idea to select wooden furniture the same color for every room in your house, this will serve to unify the spaces. The eye is best suited to a new environment when you have something similar to what you just saw above, so, when we place furniture of the same wood tone in different rooms, it creates a much more harmonious to the eye.

Shades Woods
In case you want to give your home a contradistinction and eclectic style , then you can place pieces of furniture in different wood tones , but try to decorate the rest of the room with different parts and yet related to each other. The eclectic does not mean a lot of things pile of different styles, but make different styles representing elements and combine them together in a harmonious way to form something new.