White apartment furniture for a minimalist decor

Often white furniture used for the modern interior. They namely provide a bright atmosphere and are very elegant. Then a high-gloss surface is added, a minimalist facility¬† is created, whose simplicity¬†radiates order. In our today’s article we would like to introduce a facility, were chosen for the white apartment furniture.

White apartment design minimalist dining table gray sofa

The apartment is located in Belgium, and more specifically in Antwerp. The design and the choice of furniture comes from Filip Deslee and covers all areas. The apartment has large Windows, it is although in themselves already very brightly decorated. White apartment furniture is reinforced by this yet and there is a friendly and modern atmosphere.

White apartment furniture dining area make plastic chairs laminates

The great thing about the neutral white colour is that it can be beautifully combined with other colors. So was this attractive design in the television sector with accents in a purple hue, which is represented in the carpet, as well as in the sofa cushions. Also black furniture pieces, including one be added coffee table, as well as an elegant wall from a Lowboard brighter, rounder. White apartment furniture are wonderfully highlighted how the remaining pieces of furniture.

White apartment kitchen moebel modern kitchen island sink

The interplay of the three colors is managed very. The cosy lounge area represents as a change in the establishment of nearly monochromatic. The idea for white apartment furniture is complemented by equally white walls. Bright rooms make the same much pleasant living.

White apartment furniture stool carpet glamorous living facility

The impressive sofa has a matching Canape, which can be used not just perfect to relax. Also the views from the large Windows you can enjoy it wonderfully. Also, look at how wonderful white apartment furniture not only the color of the berries, but also the beige floor fit.

white furniture apartment accent stairs living room lighting railing

This neutral, equally bright pieces of furniture have only white accents. These are the sofa cushions, which provide the necessary comfort. If you use many white apartment interior design furniture, you should think also of color change. Otherwise, you risk to have the nose quickly by setting up fully.

White apartment furniture are reflected also in the form of a modern, minimalist wall, as well as a Sayid with matching chairs. Open plan living area are very hot, which is why this design in this apartment was elected.

white furniture apartment add-on dot pattern wet cell glass walls bedrooms

If you are interested in now to find out in which areas more white apartment furniture was used, then you look at on the gallery. Be inspired by the images, if also you have opted for a modern, white interior.

white furniture apartment bathroom fittings idea minimalist stool dressing table

white furniture apartment bedrooms simply murals pastels

white furniture apartment canape comfortable elegant style ceiling recessed lights

white furniture apartment interior design-dining area dining chairs oval carpet

white furniture apartment living wall chimney idea decorations living room

white furniture apartment lounge area tv glossy coffee table black

white furniture apartment lowboard living wall dark bright couch

white furniture apartment modern stair step wood float

white furniture apartment purple accent carpet cushion couch

white furniture apartment washing console hover effect mirror closets

white furniture apartment window front bright atmosphaere interior idea

white furniture apartment workspace kitchen cooking island wood