White kitchen and dark wood for a stylish house renovation

Modern kitchens can combine the minimalist style and other styles. This is also the case with the model that we would like to introduce to you in today’s article. It is a stunning kitchen set in a modern country house style, located in an Ottawa town house. Although the house looks new, it is actually an old house, renovated by the team of Gordon Weima and stylishly furnished. The white kitchen is just one of the impressive design in the house. Take a look at the interior furnishings in the following gallery.

white Kitchen open-living room Plant Decorative lighting gas stove

The kitchen in white and wood is located in the open living room next to the seating area, which makes the living space no doubt more social. The kitchen is characterised not only by its white surfaces in the modern country house style. They are combined with a modern wooden surface for the back of the kitchen island. The vintage style of the country kitchen is underlined by the industrial lamps, which are located on the kitchen island, giving an even more stylish and cosy charm.

white-kitchen downlights-indirect-lighting-floor-level-shower

The bright furniture, which also includes the white kitchen, and the large window front create a friendly and bright ambience that allows darker wood for the floor. Thus, a relatively dark parquet was chosen, which provides for comfort in the room. There is also a modern fireplace, which is decorated with precious white marble. Both the white kitchen and the comfortable seating area allow the view of the terrace and the garden. From the kitchen, you can enter directly the separate dining room, where noble wood furniture and decorative elements for the wall, like the white brick and the wallpaper with tree motifs make the atmosphere perfect.


white-kitchen-bathroom-furniture-modern-shower-glass-mirror-deco white-kitchen-cooking-island bar stools and white-countertop-high gloss white-kitchen-dining area-terrace-wood-floor-face protection white-kitchen-dining room-device-dark-wood-dining table-wallpaper-forest-brick white-kitchen-dining room-fridge-house kitchen-modern white-kitchen-entrance area-hallway-corridor-stair-railings-glass-wood white-kitchen-fireplace-natural stone-noble-lowboard-mirror-deco-parquet white-kitchen-lounge-sitting area-exteriors-pergola-roofing-modern white-kitchen-marble-gray-furniture-living room-wall tiling-wood white-kitchen-minimalist-bathroom design-wooden-shoe cupboard-floating effect White-kitchen-open-cork-splash-protection-natural stone-pendulums white-kitchen-scale-wood-wall design-simple-carpet-glass railing White-kitchen-sink-cabinet-front-dining-area-laminate-dark White-kitchen-terrace-window front-pavement-bed-shrubs white-kitchen-wardrobe-clothes hooks-bench-plain-corridor-modern-gray-wall color white-kitchen-wc Washing console-marble-plate-gold-accessories-faucet-retro-vintage