White kitchen with a touch of color

The kitchens have white are ideal when space is limited or inside our kitchen as it gives us the feeling of spaciousness, light and cleaning. However, they can be a bit monotonous and can give the feeling of a kitchen impersonal.To avoid this, without giving up the advantages of a neat white kitchen can introduce occasional splashes of color that animate. One option, for example, is that the counter is green or blue. Material like Silestone , the compact or glass top offer a wide variety of colors, while maintaining the ease of cleaning and surface brightness.

Modern Open Kitchen Design with a Little Touch of White, Grey and Red Color

White is a key color for decorating our home, this is all a wildcard that allows us to easily decorate and hit in most cases, but also has many disadvantages in the case of the kitchen are accentuated because Special features of this room.
In particular the two key points to discard the ideal color white are the coldness that occurs when we use too much and the enormous capacity that has to attract and show dirt, rather than in the kitchen is especially important.
These factors must be taken into account when decorating, the former is more manipulable as to prevent our kitchen seem cold if we choose the white as the predominant color we only have to combine the right way, mainly through textiles as I commented in the case of bathroom or bedroom or appliances that today we can choose a variety of colors, or even through walls and floors of the room.
The second point, what ensure, as my mother, the target is more difficult to avoid, but we can facilitate cleaning by choosing the right doors for closets (on smooth materials and firm) and walls (also smooth and preferably in materials easy to clean).
Considering these things and we can answer the question in the title of the post, does the white in the kitchen is a good or bad idea?, It depends as always on our circumstances.
As advantages we will gain brightness, spaciousness and give a cleaner image of an environment where that factor is as important as the kitchen, as the coldness and disadvantages have difficulty cleaning the white but those two factors can avoid or control them with simple gestures, so can definitely be a good idea, something that is clear seeing these pictures of white kitchens.

Armed with a fairly broad, as the needs and desires of the client, it was decided a distribution in L for washing and cooking area, and a linear distribution for the storage area, two areas separated by a bench with table L oak, warm touch for a monochromatic furniture that highlights the strong yellow wall and gray floor. This combination allows makeovers with relative ease and low cost because only by changing the color of the walls can substantially change the set. The area of washing and drying clothes stood in another space to the kitchen, is completely white and has room for cleaning products and tools as well as the whole-house water softener. The lighting was resolved into 3 parts: strong and cold lighting for the area of preparation, halogen warm for storage quality pendant lamp for the food area. Each is controlled separately allowing you to create different atmospheres according to the activity performed.

But if this seems too definitive and you’re afraid to repent, have come to market¬†stickers¬†removable. These original stickers are used to decorate the appliances with fun real or comic images. Or you can use the stickers to decorate the kitchen tiles changing every so often the motives of decoration.

Finally, another option is to leave a kitchen wall in coils and paint it with a bright color. We recommend that a wall is not very large so that does not dominate too. The paint used on these surfaces should be impervious and easily cleanable.As you can see there are many options for a touch of color to your kitchen, even the accessories can help you.







white kitchen Blue

white kitchen cabinets

white kitchen in small space

white kitchen with stand chairs