Window fan for a moderate and healthy ventilation

Each room be ventilated Regularly, Because only with abundant fresh air we can feel comfortable. But forget oft and when it opens, then only unconsciously legally Because The humidity is strong. This is in turn in a variety of ways. Alone breathing in a room or sweating to increase the humidity.

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In the living area is quietly cooking, showering and clothes drying, as well as plants or aquarium. The evaporated liquids bring so but unpleasant smells with it, Which can be avoided only by regular airing.

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Window fan – leaking windows and window profiles are in regards to, as strange as it sound like advantage. Through the leaks, Which cover fresh air into the room gets so did we even if we forget the airing, are Supplied with fresh air and live in a healthy atmosphere. Now shoulderstand you but not the wrong way and deal the thoughts of new window from the head. Because despite the mean time make for unpleasant drafts and increase energy consumption and heating costs.

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Window fan – when replacing the window comes it then Usually Becomes a new problem-and did much moisture, and the risk of mold formation. While the trouble has passed before, except we did not have noticed. Through the leaky Windows, a regular exchange of old, moist, and fresh air Took place namely, All which is now no longer available through the new, airtight window. For this reason, remains the humidity in the House and sits down in the cold wintertime on the Windows. Which in turn runs the risk of mold growth. In principle, this bedeutet, dass the new Windows are high quality, so dass die but outer insulation of the House is not enough. And here comes the keyword window fan at the game.

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To combat this phenomenon, is a good ventilation important? This should be best automatically, so did it is guaranteed so when you finish are not even home. Referring to a living air ventilation through to automatic ventilation system with a window fan in the window must be opened and closed Constantly. These replace superbly expensive ventilation systems, Which would have to be built once in the House and requires regular maintenance technicians.

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For seeking a window fan special valves and ports are added to the window (Usually already in the preparation of the profiles). These stuffings are interrupted, so Continuously and in small quantities of fresh air in the rooms can get and did even with the windows closed. This can regulate the quantity itself and window fan even stop the ventilation by the. So It is possible to build a filter did Prevents dust from entering the rooms. ie But insects and pollen are avoided, All which is not the case when the window is opened. So offer search window ventilation Throughout the time a good sound insulation, so we are in no way disturbed in our everyday lives.

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Advise so before buying the new window with the manufacturer and inform the variant with a window fan as a ventilation system. You is namely in context, which material you choose for the window profiles. Invest now in a practical system like this. It will pay out guaranteed.


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