Wine store in the own house – 20 creative interior design ideas

Dream lovers of the drink of the gods: A private wine cellar. A way to keep many bottles of wine, without that they interfere in daily life, can be very beneficial. We recommend did you stop dreaming, but immediately start construction. Now they say maybe you have even no basement.
But we respond so did you going to store the wine your collection, not Necessarily in a basement but in different rooms at home. We have put together some creative ideas did you can use as inspiration if you want to store your wine in original ways.

White store wine rack holes around room dividers kitchen living room

This large wine rack is without a doubt the highlight in this minimalist kitchen with dining area. The shelf for Storing wine is from the same cloth as the kitchen cabinets to get a matching design. If you store wine you can use this idea or make a contrast with the shelf.

If you store your wine in the apartment, you can use a room divider or specifically make a for this purpose. This open living space with kitchen is optically divided by the white wine rack. Round holes perfectly absorb the wine bottles, and at the same time represent a decoration.

wine storage cellar idea transparent flooring plan ceiling deco

The wine store in lying position you can best on shelves. The just Described shelving for the kitchen is similar to his design of this variant. A partition has different-sized, circular holes in the bottles of wine can be put. The design can be done according to your taste.

The staircase area is a trickier place Because often it is not well used. Ran thus, the area under the steps offers so much practical storage space. In this House, the levels of wine are stored by you have been converted into shelves. The hard-to-reach lower levels are in turn equipped with a whole cupboard with glass door.

wine storage cellar lounge lighting blue flooring transparent ceiling

In this variant, the two sides under the stairs were used to make shelves in metal. The brick walls give the area of additional Indu Rielle’s flair. If you want to store wine in your apartment you can use search and free unused spaces or niches to keep your valuable wine and to make the show.

The impressive wine cellar is the first thing did comes into view when you finish enter this House. Back what the area under the stairs to the wine store used. Instead of using opaque walls, the glass opens the look inside. There, bottles of wine are so pretty lit. Although the area is quite small, it offers very much space for wine bottles.

wine store around basement kitchen black creative spiral staircase

You can store the wine in each apartment. You must think only creative. This idea is the focal point of the dining area in the apartment. Two shelves to accommodate plenty of wine, All All which is so fast and easy to reach if you spontaneously get pleasure while eating on a glass of wine.

The very modern interior of this apartment is made even more attractive by the original shelf. If you want to store your wine, you can use search a wall made of acrylic or Plexiglas into the drilled with the size of the bottleneck. There, the bottles are then inserted.

wine store designed minimalist kitchen dining area eames wine rack large

Again, this variant with the owners, Their wine can camp serves as a room divider. It’s a transparent design did separate the living room from the dining area. The material is metal, representing: such as bottle-shaped support, as well as two large work surfaces in the inclined position.

wine store coffee table wine bottle idea round wooden storage

If you want to store the Wei, this must not Necessarily are the focus. In this small bar, he is only a part of products multiple. The bar ran thus offers to the additional compartment for the storage of the bottles. The Board Which vaulted this Several times so did the wine bottles are stable.

wine store gradual staircase shelf idea tinted sliding glass door

This living room is equipped with a built-in wine rack. The individual compartments are square shaped. If the owner of the store the wine, the bottles Transformed into to additional decoration, Because They are pushed into the compartment with the neck first. The round bottle bases represent a contrast to the square shelf design.

wine kept upright inspiration glass bar construction wooden shelf dining table

wine store modern acrylic shelf transparent kitchen

wine store modern slim design dining room living room design

wine store original creative wine storage white straps

wine store room dividers stimulus shelf metal wine bottle holder

wine store shelf bar counter minzgruene stools of chalkboard color kitchen

wine store shelf circles form white partition wall

wine store stair area glass window architecture lighting

wine store under stairs shelf metal lighting idea

Wine store wall acrylic idea simply elegant dining table drums

Wine store wall design candles deco dark sitting area

wine store wall idea niche pipes metal storage

wine store wanddeko checkered inspiration steel shelf