Winter Wedding

Good Tuesday to all! We know: seeing this cover photo, we can only think they have done the photoshop purple fingers of the bride! so cold … Hahaha! But are becoming more fashionable weddings in winter, due to the savings that can be compared to marry in spring or summer for major discounts. So there is no cold fix a nice coat!

planning Winter Wedding

Getting married in winter has its charm, the photos of weddings at this time of year have a special light. Here we bring you a collection of images with photos of Jenny Haas, with styling and design Ashley Krogman,  specialized in wedding and event design.
A wedding with a unique environment, with a certain air  vintage rustic, in  which the furniture and accessories come alive and prominence.
Crowd of small details that make it unique , as the clock on the tree, the lamps on the table with hanging cups or bouquet based only pineapples.
The rest, a range of simple colors such as silver, cream, white and gold,  and little more is needed with that backdrop.

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