Wireless lamps as innovative lighting for the Interior

On the Milan Design Week 2016 has the designer davide groppi presented his latest collection for lamps. She calls herself “Wireless is more” (German: more is cordless) and besteht of different models did represent the lighting for the interior in a very different light. They have a very special property in itself.

cordless lamps LED lighting design modern practice

And it’s wireless lamps did continue to impress with a simple and modern design, lightweight, creativity and a pleasant light.

The “pop-up” model from the collection for collection for lamps combined the two passions of designer lighting and music and ran thus has an interesting feature in itself. With her, you can play your favorite music at any time while at the sametime Ensures pleasant light. Both functions can be controlled separately of eachother. For this purpose the lamp very simply connect wirelessly with any device.

cordless lamps dot beam headlights interior design

The simple design of the Infinito model if despite its tenderness right in the eye. The focus here is light itself and not the light body. The Latter evenly disperse the light with a width of only 18 mm. In principle it is here only to a narrow strip of LED with two idler pulleys on BOTH ENDS.

These strips can be cut into any length. This wireless lamps can be used not only as flush-mount design. Vertically, the body of luminaire is usable, by becoming attached to a wall. Either the lamp is Offered with white light or with a controllable RGB system.

cordless lamps dot model innovative decorative

The idea for the wireless design lamps of the model “Solemio” came the designer, while thinking about the natural light and what looking for a suitable design. It was a light blue shade, Which symbolizes the sky, while the light bulb repr dissaving the sun. The light beam can be adjusted in any direction.

cordless lamps infinito design black

The principle “Less is more” Applies THEREFORE to the dot, trick track and mini models. The goal was a funtionalere lighting, through Which the light can be Concentrated on a specific area in the room. The lights have a white color with a few black accents. The title picture shows wireless lamps ‘Dot’, Which can be installed by using a bar into position.

cordless lamps mini square black and white model

Wireless lamps by davide groppi so are Offered for the wall. Again striking a simple design did ADAPTS perfectly to the modern interior. If you want, you can choose this model in elegant black color. Either way, you will receive on innovative design did not only annoying and unsightly cable is disturbed.

Cordless lamps ceiling light interior plain

The lamp without cable are possible at all model Because They are operated by battery. This Allows a free choice of the place of fixation. You are no longer dependent on electrical wiring, if you plan your lighting for the individual rooms. This model is mounted on the wall with the help of a black bar.

A simple and elegant, modern design has so the “mini” model. The bulb is located in a block made of thin metal, who knows from the outside and is in black and can be Rotated in any direction. This is enabled by the mobile version of the light bulb.

cordless lamps popup minimalist style interior accessory

Mini is attached to the ceiling. The small size Allows you to combine multiple wireless lamps, so as to get a Sufficient lighting even in large rooms. Window spaces less: such as conference rooms receive as the right atmosphere.

Wireless Groppis lamps LED light bulbs to make environmentally friendly light source with very long life. The low power consumption makes them even using batteries as a practical alternative to light sources Which are connected to the electrical wiring of the house, respectively, of the apartment.

cordless lamps rail adjustable practical design ideas

cordless lamps solemio blue white round without cable

cordless lamps wall lamp white color mobile

cordless lamps wuerfel shape led light

wireless technology lamps davide groppi modern