Wood and exposed concrete in the design of a luxury house with private lagoon

This beautiful luxury home is located in Indian Creek, a rich community near Miami Beach, Florida. The house has a spacious outdoor space that includes a large garden, an infinity pool and even a private lagoon. In the design of the house, wood and exposed concrete are used, which are supplemented by wide glass fronts for a great amount of daylight in the interior.

luxury home Roof garden-green-lawn

The architects from Studio MK-27 have designed this luxurious home with a modern garden that impresses with its marvellous location and impressive design. In the construction of the luxury house, various raw materials are used, such as stone, wood and exposed concrete, to express the ultramodern geometric shapes. These materials are also found in the interior, with teak playing the main role.

The house is surrounded by a beautiful garden with native plants that turn the outdoor area into a green oasis. The tall palm trees protect the entire property, providing shade and privacy. In the garden area, there is an infinity pool with salt water and built-in whirlpool and an open fire place for the cool evenings. The private lagoon offers the residents a further swimming area, where they can swim together with fish. There is another bridge, which is big enough for a 25-meter-long yacht.

luxury home-bathroom-white-glass-wood luxury home-bedrooms-glass walls-looking pool luxury home-garden-hearth-outdoor use luxury home-garden-infinity-pool-water games open-living room-wood walls wooden ceiling-teak teak-kitchen-spacious-bin-kitchen island teak-walls-outdoor-living-deep-located wood-interior-ceiling-walls-spacious-living room wood-sight-house-garden-design wood-sight-luxury home-infinity-pool wood-sight-luxury home-private lagoon wood-sight-luxury-house-terrace-view-miami-beach wood-sight-range outdoor-hidden-kitchen