Wood cabinets for your dining

Nothing better than a showcase to give personality to your room. Why? Because from there you can put your most prized dishes up memories of your travels.
So I bring some models. Your choice will depend basically on your taste and of course, the rest of the furniture. Try not to disengage and find harmony.

Classic wooden cabinet

Country style wooden cabinet

This is a model that I think will never go out of fashion. It’s incredibly simple but at the same time functional. At the bottom find cabinets with doors and drawers, then a small ledge and then find glass doors where you can look decorative.
Due to its simplicity, this classic model fits almost any decorating style, but goes much better with rustic or country. If you live in a small apartment would not recommend it, because it will take too much space.

English wood cabinet

english dining cabinet

You may remember seeing this model in films set in mansions. This is a very elegant piece of furniture you are thinking heavily to become the protagonist of the environment. Watch what you put in have that same distinction.
Note that even the shelves are glass, so it is also very delicate furniture. Some people prefer to use it as a bookseller. If you want to maintain a somewhat casual style is not for you.

Country style wooden cabinet

Country wooden cabinet

I think there is no one who does not want to have a single object at home. This case has many details in their manufacture (from crossed branches upward to the drawings on the doors.
In this style of wood is what takes the cake so it must be of very good quality also because the idea is for a piece of furniture that will last years. This case does not go with minimalist and modern styles, so keep that in mind if your decor is like that.

Modern cabinet for dining

classic wooden dining cabinet

Now if you like simple lines, geometric shapes, you can opt for a cabinet of this type that do not emphasize the details. The white (and black) is one of the favorite colors in modern decor.
You’ll notice that the glasses are preferred or gray pavoneados not show any of the objects inside so clearly that is not lost just simple lines. So you should not draw attention rather these are at the bottom of the cabinet.

Vintage cabinet for dining

vintage cabinet for dining

Did you fall also rendered with vintage decor ? Rescuing antique furniture can give you the opportunity to create unique places in your home. A single cabinet can change the entire feel of the environment.
Try to find the contrast in color. Vintage furniture lend themselves perfectly for this purpose, so echale a paint with your favorite color.

Wood and glass cabinet

Wood and glass cabinet

If your interest in placing a display is “show” then plays with those in which the competing glass and wood. Of course have to worry because everything has its place.