Wood Floor looks staged – modern Beach House in Malibu

A peaceful retreat, Jamie Bush & co. designed a Beach House in Malibu, California. The complete interior is decorated in soft shades of sand and ground in a wood look with modern accents. White dominates, as well as light beige tones, using the light and harmonious ambiance right in the scene.

beachhouse modern architecture glass façade white malibu california

Natural materials, color: such as wood and marble, appear classy and stylishly from. Selected and compiled in a color palette inspired by the natural landscape on the Ocean coast, a coherent, harmonious overall picture is Achieved. Accents, modern furniture, Which fit the concept of living, so but stand out.

Groundwood optics modern bathroom rustic glass wall wooden floor

In the living room, marble and modern wood finish merge into each other. The two natural materials are selected in Sandy shades with CLEARLY visible white grains and THEREFORE co-ordinated. Large windows offer beautiful views of the ocean and invite you to linger. Probably just this breathtaking view inspired the designer to design the interior.

Groundwood optics house modern bedroom bay window seascape beach

The same materials – wood and marble, are used in the design of the outdoor area. Exposed floorboards and white marble the weather Change Their look authentic and produce a pleasant effect. This is so in the Interior of the House Followed, and in Conjunction with the sea designed landscape.

Groundwood optics modern bathroom washbasin driftwood mirror

In the living room honored ranks a dining table from the solid tree trunk and in the kitchen – kitchen island from marble with attractive, contrast-rich grains. The Cabinet fronts and modern wooden floor, de same white ‘tracks’ are to detect, though already something cleverly staged. White walls and furniture complement the harmonious overall picture and sought peaceful atmosphere.

Groundwood optics modern bedroom white sand color bedside

Groundwood optics modern bedrooms

Groundwood optics modern dining table solidwood tree trunk white

Groundwood optics modern living room couch jute carpet bay window

Groundwood optics modern marble Andre light glass railing

Groundwood optics modern marble panoramic windows sand color bright

Groundwood optics modern marble sand color kitchen stool Iceland

Groundwood optics modern stair design glass railing plank

Groundwood optics table solid marble chair modern terrace garden