Wood flooring in the bathroom – ambience with natural character

Wood is a natural material that provides warmth and comfort in the room. Thanks to its pleasant feel, he is particularly suitable for use in Barefoot areas. And admittedly, a wooden floor in the bathroom has a special charm. What types of wood here come in questions, is a floor heating at all in this case possible and how will the flooring laid and maintained – we guess that you in the article.

Wood bathroom flooring wood flooring tile floor design ideas

Earlier, it was always that is floor and water don’t get along – but that’s no longer true. The boards are made with special sealing or with natural oil waterproof and suitable for use in wet areas. This small-porous hardwoods are more favourable – native species such as beech, oak, walnut, Canadian Maple, black locust or exotic tropical woods such as teak, Merbau and Acacia wood respond less to variations in moisture and are less sensitive to water. This swell less and are therefore better suited for use in wet areas. This principle applies – wooden floor can withstand up to 60% humidity and remains permanently stable at an average temperature of 23 degrees in the bathroom. Zones with the moisture / for example the shower / bathroom should be tiled in any case better. The constructive protection is essential to the longevity of the planks – still in planning care should be taken, that is wood as possible less with these wet areas in contact. Our tip – the manufacturer expressly marked whether or not his product is sensitive to water. Care should be taken when purchasing necessarily. The indication whether the surface is oiled, or unbenhandelt and whether including a floor heating can be installed are also important.

Modern wood floor bathroom floor tiles

The parquet must necessarily be used by professionals – in the wooden floor is full area glued with underground, sealed the joints and edges – with elastic joint compound. Also, the wooden tiles with natural oil are often treated in the work – this prevents water penetrating through cracks in the floor. Then new sealing is regularly – the surface is basically taken two or three times a year with wax or treated natural oil. Paint is not recommended.

Wood flooring bathroom flooring easy to clean water-resistant

The wood floor in the bathroom is otherwise easy to grow – with regular ventilation the air humidity in the room is regulated. Dust can be wiped or vacuumed. Standing water is to remove as soon as possible – so the floor will last longer and not swell.

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The prices for a wood flooring can vary greatly – depending on whether it is a solid wood with oil treated surface, or for Termoholz. It is basically expected to cost between 80-120 euros per square meter, to still installation costs and maintenance costs.

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