Wood for facade and in the interior – a small refuge house in the sea

wood front small building flat roof nature small windows

The Australian architecture studio Branch studio Architects has in 2016 a project for a multifunctional refuge in Balnarring, Australia finished. The small building can fulfill several purposes and is sketched mainly as a yoga studio and a Home office. It is directly in the sea and stands in the harmony with nature.
To intensify the natural effect of the retreat place, wood is applied predominantly for facade and for the inside development as a material.
window-frames black contrast
The pleasant refuge house is built directly on the sea and is suitable perfectly as a rest possibility of the hectic everyday life. The applied wood for facade looks inviting and harmonizes with the surrounding unspoiled countryside. The facade disguise from ash contrasts with the galvanized frames for the windows which are formed with a black finish.
wood front vertical lining window zinc frame
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