Wood master table design as a piece of furniture for the apartment

With materials, you can, as you know the various decorations, but make practical pieces of furniture. If you could use just one new coffee table or side table, you can make it but also from a wooden trunk. That takes more time not much trouble. You can paint the tree trunk in any color, add legs and feet, or just leave it its natural look.

modern table design trunk coffee table metal frame

We want to give you original ideas for the log table present design, representing the modern, industrial and Shabby-chic style. If some of the ideas are you too complicated, you can customize the table by a Carpenter.

table design furniture art deco wood root idea design

Easiest way is the variant, which uses just an arbitrarily long piece of timber logs. Particularly interesting table to make but of wooden panels, which you get from the cross section of a wooden base. The last option is suitable especially for the industrial and modern, but also for the rustic style very well.

table design diy idea log dining table of industrial metal legs

To the log table, you actually not much need design to give an industrial look. Paint the trunk and then add legs made of metal. Details made of metal are an important feature in this style. You want it especially original, you can use old metal pipes. Which metal and what color you use doesn’t matter.

table design log living room coffee table elegant furnishings parquet

At the Shabby-chic style, it comes to recycle old furniture unprocessed or but intentionally “shabby” new furniture to make. Scratches and polished colour are not only a problem, but even desirable. For the log table you can design, for example, the master paint, leaving some places out. Look for, what are the possibilities:

table design idea log shabby coffee table top fireplace mural

As mentioned earlier, the cross section of the tree trunk is especially very attractive and modern. Also our examples for this are the wood master table design prove. As a dining or coffee table, the piece of furniture is guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher.

modern switch stool cheap rugs beige wood master table design

table design log Bar Stools white leather coat

table design of wood master university living room coffee table plan

table design original log side table decorations switch

table design trunk black metal legs cheap rugs white

table design trunk coffee table footplate white parquet interiors

table design trunk switch hide aktent leather sofa black

table design vintage shabby log living room interiors furniture white

table design wood master-high beistelltisch.korb coffee table dresser

Table Designer trunk original blue carpet bench parquet form

Wood master table design coffee table decorations idea kamin.jpeg

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Wood master table design furniture interior metal aluminum pour hilla Shamia

Wood master table design furniture interior part table metal pour hilla Shamia

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