Wood parquet floor of I Vassalletti with an elegant design

I Vassalletti is a Tuscan company, producing various furnishing elements made of wood: color: such as parquet, wall coverings and furniture of the highest quality. This interesting motives are above all. In this article, wood parquet floor goes of the company where we would like to introduce some models Solely to the.

flooring chevron fishbone pattern glittering curtain wood parquet interiors

Look at the gallery and convince yourself of the dreamlike atmosphere did gives the parquet. There are interesting models, Which consist Entirely of wood, as well as Those with metal accents and elegant variations of stone, where the wood is used as to accent.

flooring dark design guidotti gold accents wood parquet flowerpot

This wooden parquet floor impresses above all with its leaf motifs, Which THEREFORE are patented. In addition the oak, Which adds a real elegance to the room gray. An interesting variant is THEREFORE the parquet with inlaid metal wire. This, as well as the gray color are freely selectable.

flooring Giona alo gray stone wood parquet classy look

The Board wood parquet floor has a look simple. That does not change its elegance but. So this parquet consists of oak wood. It is polished with water and wax. This model has a gray version. The oak is covered with wax and natural pigments. The perfect choice for a natural looking wood parquet floor, at the sametime elegance radiates.

flooring accents vintage Blackstone wood parquet wood cladding wall

The boards this wood flooring are parquet with sand paper and processed SOAP. They have different sizes and shapes as an interesting patchwork pattern. The natural color of the oak radiates warmth.

flooring Giona aro black vintage wood parquet pattern

flooring gray gray board elegant wooden parquet style oak

flooring idea chevron i vassattelli wood parquet quality

flooring Listone patchwork look atmosphaere armchair wood parquet purple

flooring pattern elegantly Giona aro wood parquet marble

flooring prognathism gray leaves pattern i wood parquet vassalletti

flooring wood parquet board switch basket stool sofa

flooring wood parquet flooring course simon darkgray grain

flooring wood parquet Giona design dresser antique vintage white

flooring wood parquet guidotti gloss black wall design

flooring wood parquet natural look idea pattern vintage device

flooring wood parquet patent prognathism metal accent gold leaf motifs

flooring wood parquet pattern versailles metal handrails noble stepstone

flooring wood parquet versailles English oak dark stairs

flooring-gray design motifs ornament black wood parquet idea vassalletti

motif oak parquet flooring simon brown floral design

wood flooring parquet modern elegant living room device board spiral staircase

wood parquet flooring Listone wall tiling white color furniture

wood parquet flooring switch style simon university attractive