Wooden balcony Reform

There are cases where the balcony is a wasted space, for its small size and lack of privacy. In this example, an intelligent reform has changed dramatically from a balcony a good idea and with input noble wood.With wooden slats balcony reform substantially changed. It stands now won privacy, warmth and naturalness achieved in the new re-created outside environment.The large balconies can play with the design in order to create a privileged space in which to enjoy the plants, a special corner for rest, to work with the laptop or just to have a coffee and enjoy the view.

Wooden balcony Reform

These balconies large area not only allow you to host a large number of pots but also have enough space to house tables and chairs. It is also possible to design a custom furniture with the help of a specialist. Or you can do it yourself if you dare.

We’ll decorate it to be, without doubt, the most beautiful! Thanks to the outdoor wood create a cozy, elegant, so your attic or balcony is the most admired.Create areas of sun and shade with our wooden pergolas , different, more robust, much better. If we bestow awnings give a unique touch to your attic. lattices can add for privacy or wooden railings to separate different environments, the result will be awesome. We also manufacture to order benches or tables, or you install a wooden platform, would you imagine?

Luxury is within your reach, let us participate to create a new view from your home, let us create classrooms under the stars in your own home. We like what we do, let’s expand your world ….You can take inspiration to see this site belongs to IkeaHackers in anonymous writing Ikea fans who design original furniture from the store products. In this case, we observe a balcony surrounded by wooden benches in turn act as planters.

Banks enable people to sit while they work like pots because between the two large pots are incorporated metal in which it is possible to plant various plants and flowers. Moreover, the bench also serve to accommodate large or clay pots original models, either hand-painted or colored.Before you go running to Ikea, it is important to take action to buy the banks correct. If you are handy with tools you can adapt to the balcony, otherwise just enlist the help of a carpenter confidence to achieve these results. If you choose to bank with two levels in the lower part you can also place all kinds of plants besides outdoor decorations and lights.The investment is too important and the results will be amazing. With a little ingenuity you have great ideas for decorating the balcony.





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Wooden balcony

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