Wooden house: the floor

Wood is a versatile material that can be integrated in each construction work or renovation of the house. Barder façade , change the roof , creating a mezzanine , construct a terrace , the roof , or ask a floor or wall paneling : as land where the wood is needed with gusto!


Wooden house: 3 types of flooring
Depending on your budget, your expectations and your needs, whether you rent or own, you will find the type of flooring you would like for your wooden house .

Hardwood Floors: This is the parquet “traditional”, it consists of a single species of wood. This flooring is durable, offers a variety of poses, but remains the most expensive.
Floating floors (hardwood) composed of 3 layers glued together. Good quality / price ratio. The installation is simple but life is quite limited.
Laminate flooring: aesthetic, economic and easy to maintain. Fragile, if it suffers an impact, it may be damaged and you can not sand it.

know that even if the aesthetics and price, consider the use and traffic of the room in which your floor will be installed in your wooden house.


installation techniques for your floor
Some installation methods are not suitable for all types of flooring.

Some tips to choose the best installation for your wooden house :

Pose nailed: very technical, it relates more massive or floating floors. Call a pro if you are not good handyman. Pose incompatible with underfloor heating.
Glued: for floating floors and some solid wood flooring. Compatible with floor heating, its installation requires handyman skills.
Floating installation: Installation is simple and fast. Its installation works by a system of clips. Even if you’re not handy, this pose will be at your fingertips.


Finish your wood flooring
The floor for a wooden house can buy crude. His final appearance will depend on the type of finish selected :

Varnished or painted: gloss, satin or matte, but it is resistant brand faster.
Oiled: this finish is not limited to the wood surface but completely impregnated. It requires regular maintenance every 6 months.
Waxed: easy maintenance and aesthetics, it is less resistant than the polished parquet.
Wooden house: maintenance of parquet
Depending on the finish of your floor, maintenance will be different . Some tips for a flawless parquet:


Vitrified flooring: dust and dirt with a damp cloth. Then use a polish.
Oiled parquet: dust and dirt with a suitable soap. Especially do not use water!
Polished floor: dust and dry clean or iron a layer of wax.
Prices and VAT
The price of your wood flooring will be based on several criteria: gasoline, thickness, width, length, material …

You have until December 2010 to benefit from the 5.5% VAT . One condition: the work must be performed by a construction company in premises used for residential purposes, completed over two years.