Wooden hut in nature – Escape the everyday stress

Hut made of wood in the nature – escape the stress of everyday life!
I was quite surprised how much fun I witnessed in a hut made of wood on big Iceland from Hawaii. It was much easier than I was expecting it, and also very liberating. Is not an absolute waiver of modern technical and communication means in the midst of the great outdoors. It just means that things are different and run at a much slower pace. For example you can light have at night, if you want to have it, even WiFi. The problem is, you are powered by solar cells in the hut and have not a lot of energy available. If you consume it, the lights just went out.

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A hut made of wood, which is separated from the power supply, can still have running water, surround-sound music, a hot plate, and other conveniences. Or you can choose another option to stay quiet, lonely and without interference from the outside world there. We want to stress this but again: you are limited only by the size of your solar panels or other sustainable energy sources.

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If you think you could happily live without modern technologies and means of communication, then you are just right! We’ll show you several examples of the hut made of wood of your dreams today! Our photo examples prove to you that you don’t have to live in a trailer or a misshapen hut. There’s lots of romance for all design lovers in these wooden houses in the middle of the forest.

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Scott Newkirk is an interior designer and stylist, who lives in New York. Its wooden houses are the purest temptation for lovers of nature. Each hut made of wood is fully refurbished and have a Flagstone terrace as well as a balcony where you can enjoy outdoor time in the open air. Multiple Windows and a spacious living room without certain limit between inside and outside secure enough natural light, fresh air and the sounds of the forest, which can be enjoyed here in full course you and your guests. Who needs a Jacuzzi tub, if you have a rushing stream behind the wooden house?

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The 77-square-metre wooden house looks more spacious than it is. This is due to its striking modern design by Arkin tilt architects designed. Look at the large solar plant, which amply powered this hut made of wood, when the family needs them and saves, if it is not needed. The Interior under brings many of the classic elements of a wooden house. Wood is of course to see everywhere, but there’s also modern items, including lots of glass. It lets natural light penetrate directly into the Interior of the wooden house and the atmosphere looks bright and cozy!

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This wooden hut is by Andersson Wise Architects, it is located on Flathead Lake in Montana, United States. The wooden house is situated on a steep rock in the middle of ancient pine trees, it has a tree house atmosphere and offers a generous view of several Windows. This hut made of wood is a great example of how you can find a comfortable place on a steep place, with minimal impact on the surrounding land and the local animals that inhabit the area. Look at the following other impressive designs for a hut made of wood!

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