Woodrow Shelf shelving unit Umbra

A practical, but simple shelving unit with an eye for design. The perfect description for the Woodrow Shelf-wall rack by Umbra. He is multifunctional and fits at all interior styles.

umbra single rack shelf

This wall shelf Consists of two adjustable shelves. He Has a minimalist design. Made out of wood, he exudes rustic and authenticity. You can use it for failure books, plants or small items. By its simple design, it fits into almost any decor.

Whether this wall shelf are different formats. Depending on your need, you will choose one version or the other. Below you can find a description of the two models.

This is the version with only one shelf. This is suitable as a gift for a housewarming party. Then the recipient choose what he does with this multifunctional wall rack. You can through this rackmount two sides. Mount your it along the top, then it’s perfect as a book rack. Is the bottom mounted, then it can serve for placing of boxes or plants.

Woodrow double gang wall rack umbra

The version with two panels can be just a little more equipment. However, he will not disturb the total view of the interior, thanks to its minimalist design. He is about 46 cm wide, and 18 cm high. Ideal for jamming a small number of things in an orderly, attractive way. On the inside he is colored white. If you assemble him, against a white wall, huh Seems to float.