Wool cushions to decorate your home

The cushions are part of our decor, that’s for sure. Both the rooms and in the bedrooms are always present to make life a little easier and above all, comfortable. In stores, we see all kinds of patterns and colors … but, what if we make ourselves?. It is no surprise, since sure your mother or grandmother has only one and two. Is that wool pads are one of the best options for our home, as well as the comfort of which we speak, gives true vintage feel .
If you know knitting, you can get it to work, but if you have time or do not really know the first step to give or, as in my case, we can make sweaters and old or not use .


You can make them square or round , you have to buy the fill or also use pillows that no longer serve us. The clothe them with the sweater and then cut off the excess. The last step is to sew the pieces with thick thread. Indoor and Outdoor Cushions modern decorative . Cushions beautiful handmade silk adds an ethnic touch to your decor, they are comfortable and relaxed, cushions can go well with different styles of interiors, which are available in different colors. Special cushions winters. Made of wool in various colors and patterns that lights up the room. They are warm and cozy for winters. Add a touch of color beauty to your living room into a stylish splendid cushions, These beautiful pillows have a palette of cool colors to bring a light gold brooch and complementary to your home. Style comes home. knowing that the home decor items every day to talk to you.

A selection with the latest trends for home decorating design cushions for all tastes, all ages and all corners of the house. Summer comes and the good time you fancy a new look to the house and let in fresh air to your home. How to do it without spending a lot of money, very easy, with pads, you can buy or make at home, depends on the skill and desire, good and a little imagination. But you have time or inclination, I leave a list of sites where you can buy them. As you see there for the children, with cloud shapes, animals and letters, from many different colors and for the rest of the house, to the bed, the couch or the terrace. We will see printed cushions, illustrated, with phrases, the latter with a felt fabric is very easy to perform.

lot of them if you feel like the learn to do in our workshop making cushions, where we choose, our favorite colors, fabrics, patterns and spend a fun time. The sequin can do, and give a sophisticated touch, give them ways to pads or they will draw. You can also add a simple “pom pom” made ​​of wool, with a contrasting color to the pad, stamped with seals learn to craft, and add tassels around the cushion, totally change the look of our old cushions.

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