Workplaces in the future – 2016 sets trends

Thought many companies during the term ergonomics Solely on height-adjustable desks with comfortable arm height and flexible office chairs. Of course, thesis two items of office equipment to play important role as before, But They are only one factor of the trouble.

beautiful office workplace modern comfortable chairs

Actually, the theme begins with the choice of premises, air-conditioning and lighting. The “workflow” can be disrupted already sensitive due to inadequate ventilation, uncomfortable room temperature and road noise. While in the past the sensitivities were seen by employees as incidental and the space savings in Office cubicles with uniform neon lighting were Considered ideal for the corporate development, workers in the foreground is 2016th

ergonomic office equipment 2016 trends bright design

Accordingly, look out for is already held in workplace planning to ergonomically ideal space. Ideal way this room has daylight window, Which can be protected by shutters, and a perfect indoor climate with a humidity of 40% and 60%, Which can be supported by some plants.

The room concede a minimum amount of space to the employee so did he can roll backwards with the Office Chair and rotate without knocking against walls or furniture. The desk must be allowed a Certain freedom of leg makes the well known height-adjustable desk is still the best solution.

creative model office workplace large windows

So, the room can be ventilated Regularly and come out without air conditioning. HOWEVER, in most cases, to air conditioning is essential. HOWEVER, This should be adjustable by the employees Themselves.

An important factor, Which Significantly Reduces the productivity, is a permanent noise pollution, Which leads to irritability, stress and distraction from work. If Several employees have to share office space, so the use of partitions can be useful.

modern and bright office design trends in 2016

HOWEVER Should be avoided permanently installed partitions if possible, not excessively restrict the communication between employees. So the color design of the workplace be subtle and bright and many colorful contrasts during Office Setup.

The innovative workplace of 2016
In the facilities of a modern office, care must be taken at today’s advancing electronic digitization requirements every workplace. Enough space for monitors and second screens must be planned on the desk.

The equipment of course comply with the latest standards and a flicker-free, clean image. In addition, a distance of 70 cm Should be kept between the employee and the 24-inch monitor.

large office workplace with modern office furniture

Working for the most part only with digital databases and a digitized correspondence, space-consuming file cabinets are no longer makes sense. For low paper attack, Which can be Not entirely mutually exclusive Benthic Benthic, usually a space-saving storage solution meets the employees. Pro workstation is the purchase of an filing cabinet with the option of an acquisition for more storage space than sense.

Interior of a modern office

It is of of basically to favor indirect lighting. In the office, no place is more for neon lamps and spotlights. Reflections on screens and unwanted shadows on keyboards prevent a warm light from LED lights and wall spotlights.

Sustainability in the workplace
In the ergonomic facilities the theme is one of sustainability in the context of furniture and furnishings a major role. B2B mail order retailers like POWELL write seeking sustainable action already longer on Their flag and thereby support this trend, Which acquired work more and more in importance. The modern office of 2016 waives the waste of resources, to create a socially and ecologically reasonable energy balance.

White office workplace creative design small partitions

Similarly sustainable furnishings are purchased in addition to the departure from the expression of each file and each notice email. Great value is Placed on the FSC label office furniture. Rubbish did accumulates in every office, Should be so recycled and separated.

Electronic devices should have the common energy-saving benefits. Devices Should be the energy balance with A + or higher award. Automatic switches can be useful in parts of the Office, as Examined at Auto Dim When high daylight or to automatic switching off of air conditioning at the optimum room temperature has been reached.

workplace modern office with large windows

Employees Should be Instructed in the use of energy-consuming appliances. During the breaks, you standby modes used, or you can shut down computer. Energy savings are only possible if every employee must assume responsibility for own work and can automatically control energy consumption, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting.