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No doubt having a workspace in which to feel comfortable is very important. If you’ve planned well will help you focus easily or work better together or correctly reflect the image of your company … in any case is a good thing.The example I show is a small workspace for a group of 2-3 people. This is a very flexible environment rustic industry. The interior design is Alison Davin of Jute in an existing building by architect John Marsh Davis.


The idea of ​​the small project was to maintain and enhance the identity of the architect as the wooden beams, exposed pipes and large windows letting in natural light throughout the space.When you design a work space is important to use it go to give, this for example is ideal for a person linked to the world of design with a generous table industrial rustic wooden shelves have enough space to store and present their proposals Design. Besides the whole atmosphere is very welcoming face to greet customers.

The vintage items are everywhere, Tolix industrial chairs-Chairs, stools and hanging lamps market made industrial blenders that were  baking these details help give project an image.
You may have heard the name industrial decor without knowing exactly what it is. Since it is a contemporary style that young people really like – besides the fact that recycling is the quintessential style – let’s see what it is.

The industrial style interior decoration emerged in the early 50 ‘in New York City, where many artists and the bohemian old floors occupied as manufacturing facilities: were the first lofts.

Indeed, much of what was previously a part of the factory, is now integrated into the house: brick walls, heavy steel beams, exposed pipes, concrete floors, concrete structures.

So if you like the style go up to the brick, stone, glass, cement, aged wood, all elements of this current.

For example, when you re-use a pallet to your decor , you’re framing in this style, complete with elements that are consistent environment. An old office filing cabinet gives you storage space and personality.The houses decorated with industrial elements combine materials such as metal, cement, aluminum and glass, while wood tends to appear less frequently and, if so, is lacquered format, colors like white or black. This mode is ideal for those who prefer pure geometric shapes, straight lines, and above all, the order since the ornaments are a minimum.

The houses predominating trend usually have a double height through the installation of a staircase in some kind of metallic material, and inspired by the old industrial buildings. If the ceilings are high, housing surely have large windows where you must avoid the use of very ornate curtains.In short, the industrial style neglects decorative elements to give greater prominence to the architecture of the house (beams, external piping, etc.). Still, flea markets and antiques can be the ideal place to find the items that fit this style, such as lamps or old office furniture.

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