Wrought iron furnishings

The furnishings in wrought iron are a classic always in fashion, be taken into account, especially the exterior, for their strength and durability. The furnishings in wrought iron are ideal for country furniture for the home or in the countryside, but are very interesting applications in environments in modern style, especially in the most simple and elegant.


The furnishings in wrought iron are the most genuine expression of an ancient tradition of craftsmanship and therefore can offer countless models and custom processing. On the outside, apart from the railings for the fences, the solutions are the most popular tables, chairs and rocking chairs for the garden, terrace or patio.

As for the interior, however, the furnishing iron wrought beds are most common, sofas, tables and chairs, often paired with other materials. From time immemorial the gardens have dressed with elegant furniture forging of different styles. From voluptosas shaped filigree forms until fruit and plants, with the arrival of warm weather had not garden, patio or porch, or outdoor restaurant, which did not have its wrought iron furniture .

The first that come to mind are those of the terraces and Parisian cafes , well, French in general, as light as stylized, forged as the “charm” French. Do not you imagine the elsewhere in the world.

The Italians, with their wooden seats of boards , more resilient and more … design , (caste like son), and also the garden furniture UK , solid as a constant reminder of who they were. Spanish there are two types, one with a dot finest English with French aspirations and a more functional, more art nouveau , copied forms of nature, but with the strength of those who have good ingredients.

Now, wrought iron furniture take center stage, not just the garden, wrought iron furniture indoor outdoor take over the shaped tables or cribs vintage converted into small sofas.

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Wrought iron furnishings

Wrought Iron Furniture

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