Wrought iron garden planters

If you want a planter of great artistic value, one of the best choices you can do is buy a wrought iron. Among all types of planters, in fact, looks like the type with the largest ornamental and aesthetic value (a bit ‘like all other objects in wrought iron). The main features and function are the same for any type of planter, or give wing support growth of the plants contained therein. The artistic value of wrought iron planters also enhances the visual effect of the flowering plants they contain. The planters do not only have practical function to support the growth of the flowers, but they represent an important piece of furniture for your garden, giving it style and personality.

Wrought Iron Wall

Wrought iron is a material that is particularly used in the creation of various furnishing accessories, both for the garden for both homes, which offers excellent strength and looks like a pretty simple material to work with. You will find on the market a variety of wrought iron planters, each of which has characteristics that set it apart from others and make it a unique choice. Not only will you find planters produced on an industrial scale, but also handcrafted planters, which can be customized based on your taste and your needs. The price may vary greatly depending on the type of processing, but in general is higher than that of plastic planters.

The material
These planters are made through a special processing of the iron, which is first hot forged, and then is beaten and shaped to obtain different forms. The wrought iron is used for a long time in construction, and even among gardening enthusiasts is highly successful because of its technical characteristics. Here are the main ones:
is a material resistant to pressure, tensile strength and impact resistance;
offers a long life, since it is not damaged by time and did not change over the years, not being an organic material;
has excellent resistance to stress and is not damaged in case of falls;
allows you to create objects very particular, by the great decorative value;
cleaning and maintenance are very simple: the wrought iron is not sullied by leaves or mud, and does not fade with the passing years;
wrought iron stands up well to the cold and bad weather.
If you choose a planter wrought iron will last virtually forever. The wrought iron is not damaged due to shock and stands up well to the rain, ice and other adverse weather conditions. It is therefore an ideal material to make furnishings for outdoor use. Another advantage of wrought iron is that it does not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. And ‘possible to carry on this type of planters rusting or coating with special glazes, to increase resistance. The maintenance of the planters wrought iron are very simple: it is enough to periodically clean the surfaces.


Wrought iron is a metal easy to work with, and the planters are one of the furnishings garden in demand. For this reason, you will find in many types of commercial planters made of this material. They can be produced by hand or industrial level. If you choose a planter handcrafted by an expert, you will have the ability to install in your garden a highly personalized piece of furniture and of great value. The main types of wrought iron garden planters are different in shape, size and other characteristics. Let us examine them in detail.

Form: these furnishings are available in a wide range of shapes, from the simplest in classic style, to those in a minimalist style to the more original. For the most creative, in fact, it is possible to equip their own planter handmade carvings or other decorations, or make them take a curvilinear structure or geometry. Your planter will also be more or less high (there is even the possibility to have a high and more than a meter from the ground) and complex. The price varies according to the complexity of processing.
Dimensions: most of the models is available in several formats, to support the growth of any type of flowering plant, at any stage of its development.
Special works: even if the stores you will find a large number of different models of planters wrought iron, you may still decide that none of these models will satisfy you and make you realize your own personal by a craftsman planter. Some locksmiths will allow you to interact much in the design of the model, or even to draw it yourself. Wrought iron is a material whose ease of processing allows him to take particular forms, and lends itself well to any design.

A piece of furniture in the garden
The wrought iron planters are ideal for protecting your flowering plants and promote growth and development, but they also represent an important piece of furniture for your garden. They therefore have only a practical function, but have a high value ornamental and decorative. In addition to enhancing an area until then stripped of your garden, they can also increase the visual effect of the flowering plants. This metallic material is considered by experts as one of the best with regard to the realization of pieces of furniture for outdoor use.
It has indeed a remarkable elegance and great potential from the aesthetic point of view. The wrought iron, unlike other metals (for example, the simple iron or aluminum), not communicating a feeling of coldness, but style. And ‘ideal for country villas or large blocks, which require the use of home accessories that provide a great decorative value.
E ‘can also be found in wrought iron planters simplest geometric form, to be used for a garden less impressive, but most people who buy a planter prefer wrought iron creations are unique and elegant, capable of imparting a significant visual impact to the environment in which they find themselves. Here are some visual characteristics of which can be fitted with wrought iron window boxes:
processes: the planters wrought iron may have a curved or straight line, can be equipped with bows or bends and can undergo processes that make the surface smooth or rough;
bas-reliefs: the planters may have bas-reliefs that depict artistic images or symbolic;
designs: among the decorations of a wrought iron planter there are florals, leaves, repeating patterns or more complex designs.
If you can not find on the market a model that is suitable to your taste or style of your garden, commissioned the construction of the planter to a skilled craftsman will have the opportunity to get exactly the product you want.

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