Your Home with Mediterranean blue palette

Coming home on a Friday after a busy week and sit in your favorite spot … surrounded by / to a Mediterranean blue palette, as if you met in the Greek Islands.


The simple image with which we opened this post I found most inspiring and made ​​me remember that the light blue can be a wonderful color to make your stay more spacious, bright, sedative, and with just the right sweetness.

The image also comes with a simple idea that I liked it; you see this is to paint a broad circle of radius approximately equal to the diameter of the lamp in a lighter blue, which can be prepared by mixing with a little white paint used for wall, getting a frost blue over the blue Mediterranean creates a golden ratio around the lamp, the easiest way. That if, to secure it is necessary for the provision more or less that of the image, with a lamp of spherical or hemispherical located near without touching the wall, about 10-15 cm.

The furniture and accessories, and colors in our palette combined Mediterranean blue are natural colors, mainly earth tones, natural materials such as wood table lamp photo or cardboard, and textiles from cotton and linen in blue and white . With the leftover paint to paint the wall also can decorate a can or some old pot or vase. Below the table will not have to be circular and the accessories you want, for example … how about some inspiring photos of the Greek Islands?

blue loft room

blue living