Your kitchen or smoke odors

The current offer decorative bells is practically unlimited. They are sold with a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, with the steel, aluminum and crital materials more employees.The suction power and noise level of a sucker are two factors that should take into account when choosing the model that best suits the specific needs of each person. It is important that when choosing to not get carried away, only, by design or economic aspects.

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To find the suction power required in each case is as important to assess the dimensions of the room, as often you will be using the device. We must also bear in mind that the larger the flue pipe, more power must have hood to run quite normally.

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Regarding the vacuum systems must distinguish two types:

– Evacuation : Absorbs the air, purged and expelled to the outside.

– Recirculation : After what devulelven suck air back to the purifying conina previously through a charcoal filter. These are suitable for kitchens that do not have proper ventilation and to avoid disturbing surrounding neighbors.

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We must ensure that the model chosen has a check valve that prevents back to the kitchen, the fumes and odors extracted once the device has been turned off.We can not forget either the noise level , since the ideal is to choose a model that fully functioning, does not exceed 60 decibels. One advantage of the new hoods are becoming quieter.

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Regarding the lighting , the possibilities are increasing and we can find from automatic ignition systems to outbreaks of adjustable intensity. In this way we create the desired atmosphere in a zone increasingly important, as the design is concerned.Another point to consider is that the width of the hood should be higher than the hob. About 10 cm. assuring it will be enough, in this way, the suction power is adequate to absorb smoke and odors.

I hope that these models give you an idea of ​​current and aesthetic designs that can be found.

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