Zebra skin furniture and accessories

As promised, we present a different skin, today after the cowhide that sounds very exotic. Today, we discuss the Zebra skin furniture and accessories that we can apply at home. Zebras, as it is known, are being hunted in Africa, and their fur is not only super nice but also as a material of the highest quality. So, you prepare your weapon, a ticket to Namibia and lots of patience…

zebra cover for furniture ideas

Just kidding! What you need is just your inspiration and good mood, to sign up with our ideas to make known. So we make this Safari or?The Zebra fur is very popular in the interior design lately. One reason for this is the preference of many passionate tourists and hunters who want to bring home a piece of Africa. Nowadays, the Zebra fur is suitable for any home, even if they had never been in Africa.

zebra fur furniture carpet ideas

The zebra stripes for themselves provide the best combination of all time – white and black, which can be found in the nature. The most interesting forms on the skin the Zebra fur make weird and super original furniture and accessories. It is a rule that there are no two similar zebras, i.e. no similar Zebra fur pieces. Although the white black an eternal motif represents a trend, the designers continue to experiment with other colors. If you want a real Zebra skin furniture (say, nature-friendly reasons), the decorative Zebra fur is perfect for you. These include different imitations of zebra stripes design used in the blankets, pillows – and accessories.

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zebra fur furniture chair

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